Why Choose Us?

The mission of Ultimate 5 Squad is to help children know they matter through stories, and other fun activities. Our stories show children they too are capable of amazing things. Our other activities help children think BIG! It's important they know they are not powerless but in fact they are powerful!

When you purchase a product from us, we donate to organizations that help children and families in need. It's our mission to give back! It's important to us to reach as many children as possible. When you purchase a Ultimate 5 Squad product, many children and families benefit!

Great timing, a book kids need! The free worksheets are very useful. Would like to see more.

Meka A

Great products. We definitely want to see more. The empowerment book goes a long way. I have my kids write or tell me a moment in their day/week/month where they felt opposite of one of the pages and how reading the message now builds them up for failure.

Erika J

I liked the positive messages I saw from the facebook and instagram account so I decided to get all 3 products. It gives us activities we can do as a family. Great products! 

Stacey T

The Man Behind The Movement

RJ Rise

Chief Confidence Booster and Author of Ultimate 5 Squad

As a school teacher I see it everyday how important it is for kids to believe in themselves. They need the tools to get them through tough moments. I created the Ultimate 5 Squad action book & coloring book with growth mindset activities, and worksheets to boost children's confidence and help them think BIG!